Jacky Duyck was born on the 4th of July 1947, being the third child of Frans Duyck (Dilbeek 1893-1963) and Henriette Vunckx (Groot-Bijgaarden 1909-1987).
Since childhood, he developed a love for anything to do with drawing and painting

He produces his earliest pencil drawings during the first year of primary school (1953) for his teacher at the time, Jozef Geens.

In 1957, when Jacky turned ten years old, the painter Frans Van de Haeghen supported him lovingly through his early steps on the path of creativity.
Jacky is a rather quiet and introvert child.
On the 19th of Mach 1963, he is confronted with the death of his father.
This sad event has an important impact on the fifteen-year-old boy, and he withdraws even more into himself. Jacky isolates himself and only has one way out to deal with this tragedy: painting and drawing. This way, he’s able to give expression to his emotional turmoil.
Since the beginning, he enjoys support and encouragement from his sister Marie-Thérèse and brother Jan.
Withdrawing from the world becomes a necessity when he discovers a web of countless events, experiences, setbacks and amazements around him, coping through silence, contemplation and a passionate devotion to the creation of paintings and drawings.
Jacky is absorbed more and more into a genesis of colours and shapes.

Besides his juvenile restlessness, an intense desire is aroused to master both the colour palette and the anatomical sketch.
To that end he applies himself diligently to study the work of his examples: Picasso, Van Gogh and many others.
It is through the exercise of copying original works of these uncontested masters of the modern art that Jacky develops his talents as a painter and artist.
This hunger for knowledge and professional skills will never disappear.
A challenge to permanently confront himself with the work of artists from all the corners of the world arises inside this young artist.
A considerable list of journeys en visits to museums and galleries in as many cities and countries is a witness to this.


Kosmisch gebeuren (Cosmic event) 1979 (...)
 en de aarde kwam langzaam voorbijgeschoven. (and the world slowly slid past

Kosmisch gebeuren (Cosmic event) 1979 (...) en de aarde kwam langzaam voorbijgeschoven. (and the world slowly slid past

In 1967 he meets André Van Laere, who becomes a special friend for life.
He shares many conversations and pleasant evenings with André, based on a mutual appreciation and friendship. They will often exhibit together.

In the meantime, Jacky chooses to continue his studies at the Saint-Thomas Institute in Brussels. The world lies before him filled with “Beautiful Art”.
Encouraged by family and friends, Jacky breaks new ground choosing fulltime artistic education.
The year 1968 was historical and tumultuous, both for France and Flanders. But also for Jacky Duyck, this year happened to be significant and memorable. He takes a final step towards a professional career of painter.
He enrols at the “Hoger Sint-Lucasinstituut’ in Brussels, where he also attends the evening classes ‘graphic art and publicity’ besides the speciality ‘painting’ (daytime course).
Inquisitive as he is, he strolls weekly along all Brussels’ galleries and museums.
It is also the year in which he takes part in his first group exhibition in Linkebeek.
Eager to devote body and heart to painting, the formerly introverted boy turns into a young man who starts to overcome his timidity and who looks for contact and impressions of people.
During his annual leave, Jacky hitchhikes to Germany and Austria. His sensitiveness helps him to target and make contact with interesting people and art lovers.
The following years he likes to join in with wandering souls, the ‘clochards’, under the bridges of Paris. His curiosity also makes him fraternize with the Flower Power movement of the hippie generation of London and Amsterdam. He takes part in various artistic happenings and playful street animations.


Jacky creates still lives, portraits and landscapes, introducing raw material in his paintings. Visits to the great Pop-Art-retrospective exhibition and the main museums in London and Paris make a deep impression on him.

Happening, improvisations and animations in Paris

Happening, improvisations and animations in Paris 1968-1973


Thanks to the hospitality of Jozef and Jeanne Van Malder, Jacky finds his niche in the attic of a barn, which he transforms into his studio.
He initiates the project “Kunst op School” (Art at School) in Brussels.
As from 1970 he creates “monotypes”, which will inspire his later work.
He gradually develops and makes his transition by instructing in schools, academies and during art sessions.
He sets off on trips to La Biennale of Venice and visits museums in Lyons, Valencia, Nice, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Basel, Zurich, Lausanne, Bern, Geneva and Cologne.
He visits the retrospective Salvador Dali in Rotterdam


He takes part in many youth animations from A.N.B.J (Agglomeratieraad van de Nederlandstalige Brusselse Jeugd) and N.C.C. (Nederlandse Cultuur Commissie) in Brussels.
Visits museums in Paris, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Jacky paints a stained-glass window in the meditation crypt from the National Centre « Eigentijdse Jeugd » (Contemporary Youth) in Groot-Bijgaarden.
He works for a while as a group therapist for disabled children in “De Bijtjes” institution in Vlezenbeek (drawing, tinkering and painting).
He also participates in the festival “Kunst, Show en Hypnose”, as do Will Ferdy, Brigiet Tyteca, Paul Van Praet, Piet Perneel, Norbert Van Slambroeck, René Van der Speeten e.a, in a production of Robert Kino – Eigentijdse Jeugd.
Jacky gathers his first “Ready Mades” using various objects he came across in Cap Griz-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez (France).
He stages a demonstration in Beurschouwburg “Action-Painting” with incidental music.


Jacky Duyck joins the commission “Beeldende Kunsten” (Visual Arts) at the cultural center Westrand in Dilbeek. Besides he takes the responsibility for the various youth and adult studios (painting and drawing).
The TV program “Tegendraads” on the B.R.T (currently V.R.T) covers for the first time his youth work and animations.
He becomes a member of the social cultural council of Sint-Agatha-Berchem.
Jacky designs the scenery for the play “De Kleine Mr. Nagel”, directed by Rudi van Vlaenderen and featuring Paul Ricour.
Co-founder of “Nacht van de Poëzie” (Night of Poetry), which takes place in Vorst Nationaal in Brussels on the 17th of February.
The council Sint-Agatha-Berchem buys his painting “Apocalyps opus 50-73” (oil on panel 56×96 cm).

Exhibition in the Cultural Centre « De Kroon » in Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Mr. et Mrs. Frans Van der Haeghen, Willem M. Roggeman and Hugo Weckx.

Exhibition in the Cultural Centre « De Kroon » in Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Mr. et Mrs. Frans Van der Haeghen, Willem M. Roggeman and Hugo Weckx.


The comedy « De Paradijsvogels » (written by Gaston Martens and directed by Dries Wieme) thanks its scenery to Jacky’s design and realization.
He also paints “De Spinse” (250x150cm) for Herman Van Veen, used for a play which had its premiere opened in the Beurschouwburg in Brussels.
Jacky animates youngsters during “Dramatikafestival ‘74”, organized by “Eigentijdse Jeugd” in association with The Flanders’ Ballet.
He joins different social cultural councils in and around Brussels where he sets up numerous youth animations for events, fairs, and festivals, such as “Mallemunt”, and for the “Beursschouwburg” theatre.
A two pages interview with Jacky appears in the local paper “Westrandkrant” (by Jan Toelen).
He creates the scenery for “De Herbergierster” from C. Goldoni, directed by Dries Wieme.
Under impulse of the director Wilfried Vanderpooten, Alderman Jan De Craen and the council of Dilbeek, Jacky innovates “Atelier Beeldende Kunst” – the studio of Fine Arts – holding sessions and workshops for both children and adults.
In collaboration with producers Rudi van Vlaenderen and Raf Reymen, he creates and paints the scenery of “De Les” (Eugène Ionesco) and “Dromen van Ijzerdraad” (Tone Brulin) for the theatres Toka-Leuven and Beursschouwburg in Brussels, where he meets the actors Paul Ricour, Marieke van Leeuwen, Jacky Morel, Yvonne Mertens, Jaak van Hombeeck, Tuur De Weert and Jaak Van Assche.
With Brigiet Tyteca and in cooperation with “Fool Moon Trio”, he carries out a poetic happening, which accompanies the exhibition held by Gaspard, Lucas and Jan De Vuyst in the St-Georges gallery in Ghent (5th of April).
He puts together diverse painting sessions and animations in youth clubs.
Creates the scenery for the “Met Treintjes Spelen” (The Signalman’s Apprentice) from Brian Phelan, directed by Jacky Morel.
Camping and a visit to The Venice Biennial provide inspiration for some painted impressions.


Jacky illustrates different poems for professor Emile Kesteman in the periodical « Het Dekschild van de Meikever ».
He teaches drawing and painting introduction courses in cultural centres in Brussels.
Designs and paints the scenery for the play “De Rekening van het Kind”, written by Walter van de Broeck and directed by Dries Wieme.
He provides illustrations for the poem “Voorjaar te Dilbeek” written by Pieter Geert Buckinx on the occasion of his 75th birthday.
Surrounded by nature, he works in the Gorges du Verdon, Les-Baux-de-Provence, St. – Martin- d’Ardèche, the Gorges du Tarn and in Arles.
Jacky produces a range of greeting cards using drawings of the Provence, Camargue and the Cevennes, printed by Malaika-Artigraph.


Jacky Duyck obtains the Art of Painting Award (first honourable mention) from the city Ronse, who acquire the painting “Genesis opus 42-76” (oil 120×90) for the municipal museum.
Selection for the exposition in the World Trade Center in Brussels, organized by Haviland.
Chairs the jury during the selection for exhibition, organized by the “Jong Economishe Kamer van Brabant”.
Together with Brigiet, he organizes his first “Open Door” in his studio in Dilbeek.
He takes part in a poetry happening in Merchtem, with several other poets and writers.
Obtains the silver medal of the “Grand Prix Humanitaire de France” (price for the art of painting) on the 3rd of June during an academic session in Paris.
The Ministery of Dutch Culture issues Jacky his first grant, as a gesture of their support and appreciation for his activities.
TV broadcast «Zeven op Zeven» (21-23rd of May) regarding his work.
Launches an initiation course for animators who are active in youth workshops in the Brussels region.
Drawings in the Provence and Camargue.
Visits to various museums in the South of France, such as Vaison-la-Romaine, Arles (Réattu Museum), Aix-en-Provence and Avignon.
Accompagnied by the painter Aubin Pasque, he pays a visit to the house of Jean Brusselsmans in Dilbeek, which contains a vast collection of paintings.


On the occasion of his exhibition in the cultural centre “Westrand” in Dilbeek, Jacky publishes his book “Hoe aarzelend een landschap”, containing his collected work, texts and poems by Pieter G. Buckinx, Pol le Roy, Emile Kesteman, Erik van Ruysbeek, Paul Snoek, Willem M. Roggeman. The introduction is written by André Van Laere.
Participates in the international exhibition “Fantasmagie” held in gallery Luka in Boechout. Willem M. Roggeman publishes an article about his displayed cosmic paintings in the international periodical of the same name.
Drawings at the French Riviera (the Côte d’Azur) and Provence: Mount Ventoux and Sault.
Works of nature at St.-Enimie within the Gorges du Tarn area: sanguines and aquarelles.
A journey through Nepal, India and Kashmir and an additional flight between the chains of the Himalayas will inspire a number of its later work.


He works in Paris and Montpellier, where he creates etchings and monotypes.
Surrounded by Nature he creates aquarelles, drawings in pencil, gouaches and wash pen drawings in the Gorges du Tarn (St-Enimie 1978-79).
Attends a course in Etampes, near Paris, where he makes his first etchings.
Member of the Jury for the “International contest of drawings and paintings of children” (Ghent – Pantheon gallery), where he meets writer Simon Vinkenoog.
A number of his work is selected for the foundation of the art-to-rent project “Kunst in Huis” (Art at Home).
The projects « Kunst op School » (Art at school) and “Kunst op Kindermaat” (Art to children’s size) are launched for primary schools in the Brussels region.
Jacky starts his first “Studio Visits” for adults, offering an introduction, demonstration and tour within his working area.
Several poems of Emile Kesteman are publishes in the periodical “Het Dekschild van de Meikever”, accompanying Jacky’s paintings.
Visit to the Cézanne exposition in the Grand Palais in Paris, to the Dali Museum in Cadaguès and Port Lligat.
Seeks inspiration in Malaga (Spain) and paints a series of spatial and very luminous aquarelles


Brigiet and Wietje.

Brigiet and Wietje.

Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker dances in his studio, while Emile Kesteman composes poetry for his volume on poems “Griseries”.
Member of the study group “Brusselement”, producing numerous youth animations as part of 1000 years Brussels, such as “Wijk in de Stad” (in cooperation with Stekelbees, John Lundström, Eva Bal and Jeugd en Theater).
B.R.T broadcast about his work.
Spends time in Montpellier during the month of April, where he works on etchings.
He’s very impressed by the Paul Klee exposition in Cologne and the retrospective of Salvador Dali in the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris.
Study trip to Venice (Peggy Guggenheim Museum e.a); Miro exhibition in Florence, the Maeght Foundation in Vence, homes and studios of Auguste Renour in Cagnes-sur-Mer and Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence, Picasso museum Grimaldi in Antibes, Chagall museum and other museums in Nice.


Works in the lithography studio from former professor Jos De Maegd in Woluwe (Brussels).
Second honourable mention “Art of Painting Award” in Boechout. The periodical “Invitant’ devotes a complete issue to his work.
He paints “Christus” (Christ), to be printed on a bill, record sleeve and poster. This creation is in possession of the Don Bosco centre « Eigentijdse Jeugd » in Groot-Bijgaarden.
Painting “Oertijdperk opus 6178” (oil on panel 50×80 cm) acquired by the government.
For the 7th international film festival in Brussels, he creates the main-title sequences for the film “Kijk er ligt een steen in het bos” from Chris Vandenbroecke, for which he obtains a honourable award.
Television broadcast ” Dag aan Dag ” with Regine Clauwaert – VRT (February 22).
On the night of its birthday (camp-site in Sault-Provence), he paints a series “Homages to Zao Wou-ki 1980” as a result of the latter’s exhibition in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Poetry evening featuring Brigiet Tyteca, Jan De Vuyst and Hilda Van Eyck in his renovated studio.
Visit to the great Picasso exposition in the Grand-Palais in Paris, after which he paints a series of homages.


As from 1981, Jacky works on a freelance basis for the VRT youth programme “Schildpadplein” in which he presents drawing, painting and tinkering sessions, produced by Bob Davidse, Zaki and Nadine De Sloovere.
Youth animation during which an entire street in Dilbeek is covered with coloured chalk (filmed by VRT-television).
Paints the master slides for a projection during the production “Jazz & Rock’n’Roll Ballet” from Ann Stein performed in the “Westrand” theatre.
Uses naturalist art to create an accurate representation of nature for the Gorges du Verdon and the High Alps in the Provence.



During the entire year, Jacky writes articles about tinkeling, drawing and painting for the “Stipkrant” and columns for the newspapers “Het Nieuwsblad”, “De Standaard” and “De Gentenaar”, in cooperation with Mariette Van Halewijn.
The photographers Marc Polling and Fernand Deconick carry out a slide show “Ziel en Aarde” (Soul and Earth), regarding his work. The show is projected for the first time on the 17th of December in Sint-Agatha-Berchem, accompanied by poetry that is recited by Brigiet Tyteca.

Member of the jury for the contest of drawings for children, organized by the youth program “Schildpadplein” on the VRT-television, followed by the prize-giving in Studio 5 on the 24th of March in the presence of H.M. Queen Fabiola. On this occasion, Jacky annotates his youth animations, paintings and television programs for youngsters on Wednesday afternoons.
Draws and paints in the Alps (Barcelonette, the Lac of Serre-Ponçon, Col d’Allos, Pic de Morgen e.a) and in Florence, Venice and Assisi.
Aquarelles, gouaches and drawings in the Provence and Côte d’Azur.
Visits the retrospective exhibition of Robert Rauchenberg in Florence as well as the Biennale of Venice.


Poetry recitals arisen from the book “Hoe aarzelend een landschap” by Brigiet Tyteca and André Van Steyvoort in Gravenhof in Dworp.
Creates aquarelles and wash pen drawings in the Provence, Monaco, Antibes and Montouroux.
Drawing the landscape of Lac du Salagou, Montpellier and the Camargue.
Visits the museum of Salvador Dali in Cadaquès en Port Lligat.


With the series of paintings “The day After”: laureate of the International Festival of Visual Art in Moeskroen, resulting in the Price of the Jury and a silver medal.
Member of the Jury for the contest of illustrated essays organized by the “Generale Bank” in Aalst, together with sculptor Roland Monteyne.
Photographer Piet De Decker produces a slide show « Resten » (Remains) regarding his studio work.
Great national reward for Aquarelles with honourable mention.
Selected for the “Gaverprijs” award in Waregem.
In “50 Artists of Belgium”, Jacques Collard devotes an article to the work of Jacky Duyck: ‘symbols’, ‘archtetypes’, ‘figurative’ and ‘exceptional personality’

“Praatkaffee’ (chat café) held in the meeting place “De Zeyp” in Ganshoren on the 8th of March, in collaboration with Brigiet Tyteca and Karel Declercq.
Mentioned in the edition “Wie is wie in Vlaanderen?” (Who is who in Flanders) since 1984.
Works in Brittany (aquarelles) on the cliffs of the Pointe de Penhir and Presqu’ile de Crozon, Camaret-sur-Mer.


Creates his lithography “Don Quichotte” for the magazine “Vlaanderen”, printed as a limited edition.
Draws the portrait of James Ensor for the unpublished poem James Ensor ontmaskert” from Willem M. Roggemand and presented in “De Bakke Grond” in Amsterdam (10th of May).
During a three-week stay in Saint-Paul-la-Coste, he produces a series of drawings in the Cévennes requested by Mayor Daniël Layris and publisher Ernest Van Cutsem.
Study trip to Washington and visits to several museums, e.a the retrospective of Jim Dine.


The 11th of March is a day of grief and heartache for Brigiet and Jacky. Their son, little Benjamien, is stillborn.
On the 11th, 12th and 13th of March, he creates several material compositions and a painting, which serves as a tombstone in the cemetery of Dilbeek.
Visits Marieke and Felix De Boeck in his studio in Drogenbos.
Member of the Jury for the Price of Visual Art at the « Jules Van Campenhout» award in Meise.
Member of the jury at the “International Festival for Painting” in the Letzeburger Artisten Center.
Study trip to Barcelona with visits to the Picasso museum and the Miro Foundation.
Kos, Kalimnos, Patmos, Lesbos and other Greek islands provide inspiration for material compositions in ochre and white.

Georges Moustaki at the exhibition in the South of France 1987.

Georges Moustaki at the exhibition in the South of France 1987.


Sadly, tragedy deprives Jacky, this time by the death of his mother. She dies on the 30th of October and is buried in the cemetery of Dilbeek.
Provides illustrations for the volume of poetry «La vie, l’amour, la mort» from Paul Blondiau.
At the request of the Council and under the impulse of Jozef De Ridder, he designs and paints an original fresco on the ceiling of the wedding room in the Castle-City-Hall « de Viron » in Dilbeek.
Meets Georges Moustaki at his exhibition in the South of France.
Paints a series of « Ecce Homo », for which Emile Kesteman wrote several poems, e.a. « …en toen sloegen ze Hem in het gezicht » (and they hit Him in the face…).
As from 1987 he visits regularly the studios and gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny, Auguste Renoir in Cagnes-sur-Mer and Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence (France).


Welcomes numerous schools, groups and associations in his studio (studio visit with introduction in the techniques of drawing and painting and in the use of the materials of art.
Paying Homage to Jef Burm in collaboration with Connie Neefs and Alice Toen, accompanied by a donation of an original work in Westrand theatre Dilbeek.
On the occasion of the jubilee year Don Bosco 1988, Jacky paints the portrait of Jan Bosco, at the request of the youth centre « Eigentijdse Jeugd ».
Gives introduction course ‘Creation of monotypes’ as part of the project “Kunst maakt School” in the Cultural Centre of Hasselt.
Creates several comical and outlandish works using mixed techniques during his stay at the Côte d’Azur in France.


Invited by Felix De Boeck in his attic-studio on the 11th of May, where Brigiet films the conversation between the two painters who differ in age by fifty years.
Renounces the copyrights of some greeting cards in favour of the “Belgian Association for the fight against Mucoviscidose.
Extends the project “Kunst op Kindermaat” towards schools, meeting places and cultural centres in all Brussels councils.
Draws in the Provence near Arles, Avignon and Les Baux-de-Provence.
Designs the cover for the volume of poetry “Krisis” by Stefaan Platteau.
Produces drawings in Quiberon, Carnac, Auray and La Trinité in France.
Paintings “Genesis 1989” (oil on panel 100×150 cm) and “Landschap 1989” (oil on panel 65×80 cm) acquired by the council of Dilbeek.


Following the project “Kunst op Kindermaat” held in the Brussels’ schools, he expands this initiative within all primary schools in the Dilbeek area, in collaboration with the local authorities of Dilbeek and under impulse of the alderman Jan De Craen.
Studio visits including introduction and demonstration of drawing and painting techniques. Each year, hundreds of youngsters take part in this initiative.
Requested by Interbrew, he paints “Marine” for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.


Restoration of the council chamber in the Castle-City-Hall “De Viron” in Dilbeek, as well as the painting in the vault in the dome of the former chapel.
Pays homage to “Pieter Breugel” by painting a triptych (360x170cm) for the “King of Spain” on the Grote Markt (Grand’Place) in Brussels, requested by Yvan Van Hecke and Interbrew.
A study trip to Crete including visits to the museums from Heraklion and Knossos provide him inspiration for some work in brown and ochre colours using archaeological remains.
Visits the exhibition Eugène Boudin in Honfleur (Frankrijk).


Buys the cowshed and the silo from Jozef and Jeanne Van Malder, to expand his studio (25th of February).
He accommodates the “”Poètes de la Fleur” in his studio, an international gathering of poets.
Member of the Jury for the 2nd Maurits Naessens award in the castle of Bouchout in Meise (6th of November).
Enacts the role of a painter in the VRT youth television series “Postbus X”, next to Paul Ricour en Ludo Hellings, directed by Gie Lavigne.
Study trip through Spain and Portugal including visits to the museums of Lisbon, Sintra, Ericeira, Obidos, Bathala, Salamanca and Ciudad Rodrigo.


Expansion of the 2nd studio by purchasing the stable and the chicken coop (28th of September).
Aperitif concert performed by Anne-Marie Pray on the guitar, as part of an exhibition.
Assisted by architect Paul Van Praet, Jacky paints the frontage of the Don Bosco Church in Groot-Bijgaarden.
“Kunst op Kindermaat” organized within primary schools of Sint-Agatha-Berchem.
Designs the CD sleeve for Marcel De Jonghe on the occasion of 20 years Music Academy Dilbeek.
Youth and street animation for the youngsters of Sint-Agatha-Berchem.
Creates drawings in Brittany and in the Pyrenees
Painting “Genesis 1992-1993” (oil on panel 100×70 cm) acquired by the council Sint Agatha-Berchem.


Acquisition of the paintings “Genesis 1992” (oil on panel 100x150cm) and “Wording 1989” (oil on panel 100x150cm) by the Ministry of the Flemish Community.


In Auvers-sur-Oise (France), Jeannine Dion-Guerin composes several poems inspired by Jacky’s paintings.
Study trip through Egypt and Turkey where he collects sand and stones of the desert to incorporate within his work


Performs the role of painter for 2 episodes in the VRT youth series “Interflix” with Paul Ricour, Ludo Hellings and Chris Van den Durpel, directed by Gie Lavigne.
Study trip in Tunisia, which inspire several material compositions in white and ochre.

Johan Verminnen in his studio in August 1997

Johan Verminnen in his studio in August 1997


Jacky instils a sense of impressionistic atmosphere using an array of colours and light.
Madrid and Toledo: visits the museums of Prado, Reina, Sofia and Thyssen Bronemisza.
The music academy of Dilbeek pays homage to Jacky Duyck by performing a concert in honour.
Film “Wijdere dan wijd” shows the making of Jacky Duyck’s painting.
Shooting, editing and music are by Marcel De Jonghe, including shots taken in Jacky’s studio, an outline of his entire work and interview with Wim Van Gansbeke (30 mins.).
The social department of the VRT acquires 150 lithography’s for business gifts.

Publication of the art book “Een Duyck in de kunst” at the occasion of Jacky’s 50th birthday.
Marcel De Jonghe and Alain Roelant organize an aperitif concert in the cultural centre « Westrand », featuring the « Flanders Trumpet Quartet » (Alain Roelant, Peter Lejaeghere, Wim Stas and Steven Bossuyt). They perform pieces of baroque and contemporary compositions. Alice Toen recites poems from the book “Een Duyck in de kunst”.
Literary Café with recitation regarding “Een Duyck in de kunst” by Willem M. Roggeman.
Live VRT radio broadcast “Het leven is mooi met Jacky Duyck” carried out by Julien Put and Kris Baert.


Opening of the “Gallery Jacky Duyck” in the national youth centre “Eigentijdse Jeugd” in Groot-Bijgaarden at the occasion of his 50th birthday, the project “Een Duyck in de Kunst” and 25 years of artistic collaboration.

The composer-pianist François Glorieux writes “Contemplation”, inspired by the meditative character of the work of Jacky Duyck; the song is performed as an ensemble with Nic Ost at the première of the expo in the Abbey-Farm in Koksijde. The presentation is given by Frank Dingenen.
”Encounter of earthly and extraterrestrial astronauts”, an exhibition at the Casino in Koksijde: “De horizon voorbij” (Beyond the horizon): at his exhibition, Jacky is honoured with meeting the Russian cosmonaut German S. Titov, the American astronaut Loren Acton and the Belgian astronaut Dirk Frimout during the Week of Science.


Works in the Provence and in the Cevennes.
Meets Pierre Alechinsky in the village Paradou (South of France) on April the 3rd.
Appointed Flemish ambassador from Dilbeek by the bench of aldermen, within the framework of “Flanders-Europe 2002”.
Exhibition in the cultural centre “De Oude Pastorie” in Kapelle-op-den Bos, together with Brasser, Emiel De Bolle, Luc De Maeyer, Karl Meersman and Urbanus. Introduction by Gilbert Putteman and Jef Burm.


Designs numerous greeting cards.
Organizes several guided tours at museums in Paris, Auvers-sur-Oise and Giverny.
Great exposition “1970-2000 “ in his studio to celebrate “30 jaar Atelier Jacky Duyck” (30 years studio Jacky Duyck) during which Walter Capiau speaks inspiringly about Jacky’s work. The cartoonist Emiel Bolle draws a number of caricatures of the present visitors.


Jacky illustrates Jeannine Dion-Guérin’s collection of poems “Le Signe” in Paris.
Member of the jury at the national art exhibition contest “Mil Art 2001”, together with lieutenant general Guido Vanhecke.
He stayed in the Ardèche and Ile-de-Ré to gain inspiration.
Works on large formats in shades of bleu using oil paint and material.
Exhibition in the Bacob Bank in Asse, near Brussels.
The exposition held in his studio on the 8th and 9th of December attracts great public interest.


The months January till August are entirely dedicated to the preparation of his coming exhibitions: from the 25th of May till the 9th of September in the cultural centre COLOMA CASTLE in Sint-Pieters Leeuw and from the 7th till the 22nd of September in the CASINO in Koksijde and the ‘KEUNEKAPEL’ in Sint-Idesbald-Koksijde.


The exposition in the Casino of Middelkerke, running from August 3 til August 31 managed to get a whole lot of visitors during the seison. This expo, with new series of navy and sealand scopes, was organized by VVV Services for Tourisme and in cooperation with the Casino.  Also a study tour to Paris to visit the most important museums, expo Paul Gauguin and the Orsay-museum.


Study trip to Rome visiting the most important musea, exhibition Paul Klee.
Exhibition from May 15th till September 30th in Studio Gallery together with sculptur Rogianne GAYTANT, at Beauvoorde.
Exhibition “Een Duyck in de kunst” from June 5th till September 15th in the National Center “Eigentijdse Jeugd” at Groot-Bijgaarden.  Opening by Mgr. Luc Van Looy, poems recital by Brigiet Tyteca and Jan De Vuyst


– Journey to South-Africa with visits to Cape Town , Stellenbosch, Durban , Zulu country, Drakensbergen, and the University of Pretoria .

– On 17th and 18th of December, official opening of the new annex and enlargement of his art studio with exhibition space.


– Study tour in  Egypt with visits to the temples and tombs in Luxor , Karnak , West-Thebe, Aswan , Abu-Simbel and others.
– On 25th of April, the municipality of Dilbeek decides to award him as the first citizen in its history with the title of “Citizen of honour of Dilbeek”
or his many years of artistic dedication to the community and his personality as a human and as an artist.
– On 3 the of June, the actrice Alice Toen opens the exhibition with recent paintings in G.C. “De Bosuil” in Jezus-Eik (Overijse).

– A study tour inToscany inspires him to the painting of several landscapes in oil; with materials, little stones and sand mixed with paint.

– On 2nd of September 2006, he officially receives the titile of first “Citizen of honour of Dilbeek” from the full college of the mayor and his deputies
during a celebration in the castle-muncipal hall “de Viron” in the presence of several prominent people and family members. It is a unique moment
in the life of Jacky Duyck as a human and as an artist; a reward and recompensation for his many years of artistic dedication for the municipality of
Dilbeek . Many gifts, letters and e-mails of congratulations made this day unforgettable.

Celebration of his “Citizenship in Dilbeek” on 2nd of September 2006

– Journey to  Egypt and the Red sea , with a trip through the desert.

– Exhibition in his art studio on 2, 3, 9 and 10 December at the occasion of the granting of the title of first “Citizen of honour of Dilbeek”.


– Study tour in Egypt with visits to temples and tombs in Luxor , Karnak , West-Thebe, Aswan , Philae , Abu-Simbel and others.

– Large exhibition ” Jacky Duyck at the seaside” in the “Casino of Middelkerke” during the whole month of August at the occasion of
his 60th birthday.

– Group exhibition in the “Koetshuis” of the St. Adriaansabbey in Geraardsbergen from 1 to 11 November, together with  Rudy Baeten ,
Nadine De Meester, Martin Uvijn en Patrick Van Craenenbroeck. pinting and sculptures.
– Exhibition “Landscape of my mind” in the seat of the “Raad van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie”, Lombardstreet in Brussels .
– Open-Art studio on 9th of December.


– Is appointed Ambassador of Memisa, as mark of appreciation for his creative efforts to call attention to the operations of MEMISA
and for helping them realizing their aims.

– He participates at the celebration of Sister Lutgardis CRAEYNEST as second Citizen of Honour of Dilbeek.
– Celebration of 20 years “Creatief Andersvaliden Atelier” of which he was the co-founder in 1988, with drawings and paintings of
otherwise-able-bodied people, in C.C. Westrand-Dilbeek.


– Jacky Duyck participates at the celebration of Paul VAN HIMST as third Citizen of Honour of Dilbeek, together with several friends
such as Eddy Merckx, minister Guido De Padt, Michel Verschueren, Odilon Mortier… in the municipal hall in Dilbeek.

– Study trip to Verona and the Venice Biennale with visits to the most important museums and exhibitions.

– Makes a series of impressionistic paintings representing trees and water.

– Participates at the celebration of Jos MERTENS as fourth Citizen of Honour of Dilbeek.


– Works already 40 years in his art studio in Dilbeek.

– Large exposition in workplace..

– At the celebration of Alice Toen, as fifth citizen of honour of Dilbeek :


– Due to the great success of “40 years art studio in Dilbeek” an additional open door exhibition took place on February 5-6

– Exhibition at the BKCP-Bank in Dilbeek from September 19-23

– In view of the “Citizens of Honour of Dilbeek in the picture” a special exhibition took place at C.C. Westrand-gallery from October 9-23


– Visiting the most important musea in Vienna. (March).

– Study tour in Italy, visiting some important cities, including Napoli with the Vesuvius, Pompei, Amalfi, Capri… (May)

– Extensive exhibition in his art studio at the occasion of his 65th birthday on 17, 18, 24 and 25 November.

– Visiting Nice, Monaco, Cap Ferrat, St. Paul de Vence, Antibes Picasso museum… (December)


– Study tour in Scotland visiting the most important musea in Blair, Glasgow and Edinburgh; Inverewe Gardens, Loch Ness, including the impressive landscapes of the Highlands (August)

First price in the “Flowering contest” for the most beautiful small ornamental garden, crowned by a jury in Dilbeek on 25 August.

– On 25 September he was appointed as “Honorary member of the Rotary Club Gaasbeek” as “recognition for his tireless effort for making young people, elderly and disabled people part of our community”.


– Study tour to Austria, visiting the most important musea in Innsbruck. Very pleasant meeting with Prince Albert II from Monaco, Prince Emanuel Filibert from Savoye and Prince Leopold from Bavaria at the occasion of a Charity-Event in Seefeld on 22 March 2014.

– Study tour to Berlin, Amsterdam, Honfleur, Le Havre, Dunkerque, Lille, Londen; visiting musea

– Study tour through the Balkans, o.a. Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania


– Study tour to Budapest, Auvers sur Oise, with visits to musea and sights

– Study tour to the Baltic states with visits to the most important musea in the different cities of Lithuania , Latvia, Estonia, …


– Different visits at the art studio with a tour in the different exhibition rooms


– Museum visits and exhibitions in Paris during different days.

– Study trip through Calabria in Italy (April).

– Exhibition at C.C. Coloma in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (10 – 26 March).

– In the context of this exhibition three successfull aperitif concerts took place with:

  • Soprano Françoise Vanhecke
  • Poetry recitation by Alice Toen, with piano accompaniment by Jos Mertens
  • Performance of the flutist Sarah Rulli and accordeonist Luca Colantonio 


– The celebration and extensive exhibition “Jacky Duyck, 50 years in his studio in Dilbeek” cannot take place due to the CORONA-measures and is postponed.


– Extensive exhibition “Jacky Duyck, 50+3 years in his studio in Dilbeek”  (10-11 and 17-18 June)