If someone can paint with such an inspiration and skill that the spectator cannot tell anymore weather it is abstract or figurative, or even better, call it abstract and figurative, that all labels – so appreciated by critics and specialists – ultimately fall off as unimportant… if someone can paint in a way we can reach emotionally and intellectually the essence of painting, of the painter himself, we cannot but be grateful. Let us never forget that an artist keeps giving presents.

Rudi van Vlaenderen

Een Duyck in de kunst ” 1997, an art book, 160 pages,
with poems and texts of Kris Baert, Edward Boon, Phil Bosmans, Hugo Bousset,
Hugo Brutin, Pieter G. Buckinx, Regine Clauwaert, Dirk Clement, Raf Coenjaerts,
Felix De Boeck, Karel Declercq, Herman de Coninck, Kristien Dehollander, Jari Demeulemeester,
Jan De Vuyst, Jeannine Dion-Guérin, Bob Elzen, Dirk Frimout, Danielle Gerard, Ivo Goris,
Emile Kesteman, Jan Koenot, Hedwig Mels, Staf Nimmegeers, Gilbert Putteman, Pol le Roy,
Willem M. Roggeman, Jo Röpcke, Madeleine Sergooris, Paul Snoek, Wim Toebosch, Alice Toen,
Brigiet Tyteca, Chris Van den Durpel, Daan Van den Durpel, Wannes Van de Velde,
Wim van Gansbeke, André Van Laere, Paul Van Praet, Erik van Ruysbeek, Rudi van Vlaenderen,
Johan Verminnen, Simon Vinkenoog, Hugo Weckx, Zaki,     e.a.
With original handwritings of poets and artists,
and also a selection of works out of the youth of Jacky Duyck
and never before being published texts of himself.
Brasser, Emiel De Bolle, Luc De Maeyer, Karl Meersman and Urbanus
made some cartoons en caricatures of the Jacky Duyck.


Size: 240 x 300 mm.
Contents: 160 pagina’s
Paper: KMP Royal 150 gr.
Font: cover: Syntax – inside: Garamond
Colors: full four-color print – High resolution


  • 97     in full color, of which 14 on full pages
  • 29  paintings in black&white
  • 37     photos in black&white

Price of this book: 15 EUR
This book is also available in the Studio of Jacky Duyck
Roelandsveldstraat 30       B-1700 Dilbeek



Book about his paintings (96 pages) with poems and texts of different poets and art critics
e.g. Pieter G. Buckinx, Emile Kesteman, Pol le Roy, Willem M. Roggeman, Eric Van Ruysbeek, André Van Laere, …

Jacky Duyck leads us into a world of unusual silence: the “silence of the world before Bach”, the initial world…

There, between the very beginning and the final accomplishment, lay his unvisited landscapes, never soiled by human steps, unreachably far, extremely deep. These are the revelations of the mystery that both attracts and frightens us.

Sometimes the spectator gets the feeling he can see everything in a glimpse, a great vision of indescribable infinity. Though not in the picture, man is not far away: scratches, stripes, notches, hieroglyphics, fossilized plants, lighting spots, graffiti and human signals are signs of “life”, of “growing”, of “creative evolution”.

Like an archeologist Jacky Duyck is on his quest for signs of life. The silence that meets you out of the paintings is not the idyllic peace of a resting earth, nor the mortal peace of an extinct volcano. Confronted to this intangible and yet recognizable world, the individual cannot but lose himself. He is broken up, sucked away, lost. This is a very queer adventure; exactly in this gliding away, man discovers himself. He is captured and yet he is free. He approaches the edge of the threatening abyss, and yet he finds peace.

Obviously this adventure is more than merely “enjoying art”, such a pictured encounter differs from a drawing-room experience. The power of cosmos tears up the small world in which we have imprisoned ourselves. Our fashionable settings are taken away. The “traces” lead from the past to the present. With the painter we go to meet a more veritable life.

André Van Laere