Jacky Duyck is born in 1947.
He obtained his degree at the artistic high school “Hoger Sint-Lucasinstituut” in Brussels, with specialisation in painting. Being self-taught he passes through studios of several painters and graphic artists in Belgium and abroad.
Teacher-director of the Studio of Fine Arts at the cultural centre Westrand in Dilbeek.
Undertook several study tours including visits to museums, biennial exhibitions and art courses in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, United States, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Nepal, India, Cashmere, e.a.
1972-73: designed and created scene-paintings and sets for theatre plays directed by Jacky Morel, Rudi van Vlaenderen and Dries Wieme.
Stays regularly in the South of France for accurate representations of nature.
Works in “Engraving studios” in Paris and Montpellier in France in 1970-1980.
Carries out artistic animations as a free-lancer for youth programs on the V.R.T, the Belgian television and the “National Centre Contemporary Youth”.

Works by Jacky Duyck were acquired by museums and city halls in Belgium and by several bank companies, the Flemish Community, the Belgian State, the European Parliament, the Foreign Office in Moscow, Belgian television and several private institutions/collections in Belgium and abroad.
Paints “De Spinse’ for the theatre play Herman Van Veen-Worldpremière in Brussels, 1974.
Paints the portrait of “James Ensor’ (1985) and “Don Bosco” (1988).
Designs and paints under the authority of the district council of Dilbeek, the original ceiling fresco’s of the wedding room (1987) as well as the restoration of the council chamber in the Castle-Town-Hall “de Viron” in Dilbeek.
Creates “Marine” (1990) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.
Paints “The Homage of Pieter Bruegel” (1991), a triptych (3,60 x 1,70m) for the “King of Spain” on the Grote Markt (Grand’Place) in Brussels.

The composer-pianist François Glorieux created and played “Contemplation” at the opening of his exhibition in Koksijde (1998), inspired by the meditation paintings by Jacky Duyck.
He meets the Russian cosmonaut German S. Titov and the American astronaut Loren Acton, in the presence of the Belgium astronaut Dirk Frimout at the exhibition in the Koksijde Casino (October 1998) during the Scientific Week.
He meets Bram Bogart in his studio at Ohain (near Brussels) on March 2nd, 1980 and stayed several times in the Felix De Boeck studio in Drogenbos (Belgium) since 1984.
Meets Pierre Alechinsky in Le Paradou (South of France) on the 13th or April 1999.


1976 “Painting Award” in Ronse: first honourable mention and “Grand Prix Humanitaire de France” in Paris.
1977 Selected for the “Painting Award” in Ronse.
1980 “Painting Award” in Boechout : first honourable mention and “A Hundred Years of Artistic Life in Brussels”.
1984 Laureate of the International Visual and Graphic Arts Festival in Moeskroen, with special award from the jury.
1984 Selected for the “Gaver” award in Waregem and for the “Integration Award” in Koksijde.
1984 “Grand National Aquarelle Award”, Lions-clubs International in Brussels : honourable mention.
1984 Selected for the “Painting Award” in Doornik.
1985 Selected for “Modern Flemish Religious Art” in the Faculty Club in Leuven (Louvain).
1985 Selected for “International Graphics” at Leuven (Louvain) and for “Greenpeace” in Beersel.
1986 Selection “Seriality in de Contemporary Arts” in Brussels.
1988 Guest of honour at the “Salon International du Printemps” in Luxemburg.
1989 “5 x Matter” in Westrand Gallery in Dilbeek.
1989 “Homage to the 1000 year old Church in Russia”, Museum for Religious Arts at Ostend, with Felix De Boeck.
1993 “Religious Tendencies in Modern Art” at the occasion of “ Antwerp 1993”.
1994 “Homage to Remi de Cnodder” in the Congress Centre ‘t Elzenveld in Antwerp.
1996 “Works Acquired by Flemish Government 1994-95” Contempory Art Museum in Antwerp.
1997 “The Eighties of Caryatide” in cultural centre De Markten in Brussels.
1998 “Earthly and extra-terrestrial astronauts meet each other”, exhibition in Casino Koksijde: “Beyond the horizon”.
1999 Appointed Flemish Ambassador from Dilbeek, by the Dilbeek district council, for “Flanders-Europe 2002”.
2000 Large studio exhibition: 1970-2000, commemorating “30 years of Studio Jacky Duyck” in Dilbeek.